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Saturday, 17 November 2012

LIME CRIME *drools* Purple Look

Omg I LOVE Lime Crime make up especially the lipsticks. Just a quick review of pro's and con's.

*Amazing colours (I've tried lipsticks and eye liners)
*The colours are really pigmented
*The lipsticks and eye liners glide on so well
*Lasts a long time
*Doesn't bleed
*Has a great texture/feeling on your lips, not to heavy, slippery etc.
*There is at least one colour that will suit everyone, with so many colours available

Pro/Con: (Depending on who you are and what you like)
*The colours stain your lips a fair bit, I personally love this
*Price for some people could be a bit high but for great quality products they are fairly cheap.
*Packaging could be perceived as a bit childish or cute depending who you are, I think it's pretty cute.

*I can't find this in stores near me and I don't know where it is sold in Australia so I have to buy it online

This look was done using:
Maycheer eye shadow, Pallet 3007 02. Colours used were 05 (pinky purple) on the inside of my eyes, blended into 03 (a pink) with 04 (a darkish purple) on the lower eye
Lime Crime Uniliner on my eyes (eye liner up the top) in OrchidAceous
Maybelline New York Dream Liquid Mousse Foundation in Light 2
Classics Translucent loose Powder
Maybelline New York Pulse Perfection vibrating mascara in Blackest Black
Nivea Lip Care
Lime Crime in Poisonberry (LOVE LOVE LOVE this colour)

**These colours aren't showing 100% as how they are, there is more pink in the eyes and the lipstick has more pink in it but I can't find any pictures even on the Internet that shows what the lipstick is truly like even pictures by Lime Crime themselves, it's an AMAZING colour that I will definitely be getting again and again.**


  1. Hey :)
    How does the Lime Crime lipstick look without the added lip balm ?
    -Eerie :)

    1. I find it to go on well and look pretty much perfect ... the only reason I use lip balm sometimes is cause I've been getting chapped lips otherwise I wouldn't be wearing the lip balm hun

  2. oh yeah I can totally understand, some of the thicker lipsticks like Lime Crime don't look as good when lips are chapped as I have learned.