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Thursday, 15 November 2012

What you put into your body!

It's important to watch what you put into your body. I struggle with this a lot and go through binges (especially around that time of the month) and it shows in your hair, skin and nails which is one thing we learnt doing hair and beauty. They also get effected by your health and if you are getting sick.
In the last couple of weeks I've had crazy break outs caused by eating crap which has been why I haven't posted make-up pictures in the past few days. 
I refuse to stop eating food like we are meant to and start drinking shakes that have god knows what in them and I find it really hard to go on meal plan cause I'm so fussy. The only thing that has worked for me is the 'Ashy Bines Clean Eating Plan." She also does a Bikini Body Challenge which is like a boot camp but exercising like that really isn't for me. I've been off of the plan for a little while (cause I fell sick and started eating crap again) and I'm just feeling gross again. The plan includes recipe ideas, supplement ideas (if your into them) and other guidelines, best thing is NO calorie counting. It does NOT include meal plans set out. I'm jumping back on it as soon as I can and should be posting pictures. 
So many woman on her program have not only lost weight but it has helped their skin problems an incredible amount.

I strongly suggest checking her out:

Facebook Page:       http://www.facebook.com/thebikinibodychallenge?fref=ts
Clean Eating Page:   http://cleaneatingdietplan.com/

NOTE: I don't work for Ashy or her team, nor do I know her or am getting paid to suggest checking her out.

Some Food I Ate While on the Plan:

Yoghurt with Flaxseed and Scrambled Eggs with Asparagus, Baby Spinach, Flaxseed and Herbs and Spices.

Banana Berry Muffins (made from oatmeal).

Mince Stuff with Peas, Corn, 4 Bean mix, Zucchini, Diced Tomato, Asparagus with some herbs and spices and little Quiches with Zucchini and Asparagus.

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