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Sunday, 16 December 2012

Simple Coloured Mani

Hey Missy's
Just wanted to show you guys how I do my simple Mani's. This one is bright green and black, kind of inspired by Frankenstein.

This look was done using:

OPI Mini (unsure of colour name) Black with Purple, Blue and Green shimmer in it.
ultra3 Nail Colour, in tahitian lime
NYC Color top coat 
1. I buffed my nails, cleaned out all the gunk out from under them and fixed sides of my nails.
2. I then put a layer of the Tahitian Lime (green) on my nails (I don't use base coat).
3. Put a second coat of the Tahitian Lime (green) on as this colour is thin (because it's a cheap one).
4. Steadily paint the tips of your nails, if you need to use curved stickers but always paint the tips side to side NOT up and down.
5. Clean up the edges of your nails using cotton buds and nail polish remover and top with a clear top coat.

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