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Monday, 14 January 2013

Update: make-up, engagement, gap

Hey Missy's
The holiday period has been SO busy for me, Ive began a process to close my gap in my teeth, got engaged(YAY, looking at new homes and been on the hunt for some new make-up.
So far I've got a couple of Two Faced stuff coming in the mail which I will be sure to do a review about when they come. I've also come across an amazing site called http://www.glamourdolleyes.com which seem to have pretty amazing eye shadow colours AND they do sample sizes. I'll be ordering them next time I get paid for sure.

This is my beautiful ring that my finance got me and asked me to marry him on new years during the fireworks :)

Onto my gap. I did a bit of research into ways to close my gap without braces, because there is a 2 year wait to get into the dentist here which I am half way through but it's taking forever, and I stumbled upon a forum which told me about http://www.teethgap.com/ on the website I learnt that bands can be put on the teeth to draw them closer. I looked on other websites and watched youtube reviews and decided I would give them a go. They were a bit pricey the website, however still a lot cheaper then braces, so I decided to look on ebay were I found them for less then $10 including post. In less then a week I had them from the UK in Australia. Here is my progress so far:

Day 1 (before the band):

Day 7:

It's a HUGE difference in just a week. I know that I'm going to have to get a retainer or something similar in the near future but I'm ok with that. I have taken pictures pretty much every day (except day 3) and can't believe how fast and how much it has improved. It's definitely worth a look into if you are self contious about your teeth however it wont work for every problem for your teeth, mine were straight all I needed was to fill the gap. 

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